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About Us

With a mission to provide holistic services, GHP India is a one-stop destination for fulfilling all the needs of the corporate and manufacturing industry. GHP believes in delivering high-impact and economic solutions to businesses. GHP’s team is spearheaded by our Principal Consultant, Mr. Vijay Srivastava. Vijay has been a leader and a visionary who has been a leader and direction giver to the Human Resources function across major industries with his recognised experience of over 27 years.

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Manpower Company

Our team of specialists provide you with high quality staffing solutions across different technical roles required for administration and managerial purposes.

Staffing- Outsourced /White Collared – All sectors

Our team will closely work with you to understand, identify and plan for your staffing needs and provide a hand-picked

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Manufacturing – Contractual and on rolls - Operators and above

Across sectors, manufacturing has evolved drastically. Evolving global economic structures have added to the challenges

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Recruitment – All levels across sectors

Our team is equipped, trained and experienced in sourcing the best talent within the country that can lead your business

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HR Operations/Statutory Compliance

Payroll – Outsourced services with all statutory compliances

HR is not just about simply giving out pay checks to the employees.

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Policies & Processes

Our team of experts closely monitor your organisation’s HR processes

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Tech Backend – App and HRMS based secured data management

A few decades ago, human resources and other such departments were

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HR/Procurement (Vendor Development)

Space Consulting (Property Division)

We will help you find space that suits your organisational goals.


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Corporate/IT Parks

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Consultative and Partnership Approach

Budget-friendly and High Quality Delivery

High Speed Execution of Ideas

Experienced and Trained Personnel

Personalized and Targeted Solutions and Services